About the Herbarium



The herbarium is arranged alphabetically by genus. This unconventional system has more taxonomic stability than the traditional method of using family names, it maintains ease of filing and locating specimens, and it separates related genera that may be especially subject to insect infestation. Species and infraspecific taxa generally follow names given high confidence by The Plant List according to combined authoritative sources.



The Herbarium is currently utilizing the online portal of the Southeast Regional Network of Expertise and Collections (SERNEC), which uses the Symbiota database software. The collection can be searched in any number of ways, and any or all of the 120 herbaria within the network may be searched simultaneously.



The Herbarium is seeking donations of botanical literature, especially volumes related to plant systematics. Stop by the herbarium or email herbarium@memphis.edu for more information about how to make a donation. A small botanical reference collection exists now, and those books and journals are for use while visiting the herbarium and may not be checked out or removed.



Carex socialis Mohlenbr. & Schwegman (Cyperaceae) [isotype]