Memphis Tigers Basketball


Individual Athlete On-Court Balance (Women’s)

‘With multiple athletes returning from major injuries, understanding of on-court balance data was required to ensure each athlete was ready for training’

With multiple members of the squad returning from serious lower limb injuries, data tracking right and left balance on-court was required to ensure athlete health. Results revealed despite that being ‘healthy’, tendencies to favor the non-injured limb remained. Data allowed changes to weights training and on-court feedback to give athletes confidence to equally load both limbs and avoid re-injury.

* This on-court data balance data is the first of its type within the US College system

Lower limb Athlete Screening for Performance and Injury (Women’s)

‘Understanding athletes’ physical limitations prior to heavy training demands to reduce injury risk’

Building on previous work with men’s basketball, the aim is to expand testing to identify individual physical imbalances and limitations to assist in the development of personalized strength training programming. Measurement of lower limb loading in training and competition to guide training practices, athlete recovery adherence and improve player capacity will also be conducted.