Memphis Tigers Tennis


Training vs. Competition Workload (Women’s)

‘Redesigning training to accurately reflect competition.’

Measuring athlete load data in training and competition revealed that while training and competition were similar, key differences exist. Specifically, competition matches had more ‘high’ and ‘low’ impacts when compared to more ‘medium’ impacts in training. This information has been used to change training to better reflect the stop and start nature of competition to ensure athletes are as prepared as possible to succeed.

Estrogen and Athletic Capacity (Women’s)

‘Understanding our female athletes health and wellbeing to improve long-term performance’

With a scientific understanding that changing estrogen levels influence joint and ligament laxity, the menstrual cycle is a ‘danger’ time for catastrophic knee injuries in female athletes. As the research shows different individuals are affected at different rates, this project explores the individual effects of changing estrogen levels on the athletic capacity of our female tennis team.