Memphis: Your Host for 2019

Memphis is a blues city, a rock-and-roll city, a bluff city, a sports town. We're grit and grind and soul. But innovation city? You bet. In a world that changes at the speed of light, Innovation isn't a luxury. It's a necessity, and an urgent one. The University of Memphis and the FedEx Institute of Technology are ready to receive ICEM attendees from around the world for a conference that will excite innovation, expose the cutting edge education experiments in our city to a global audience, and bring a community of education media and technology leaders together for a networking experience like no other.

What to do?

Memphis is an awesome city with tons to do. If you haven't, be sure to sign up for a Saturday tour of the city, or one of the other great tours we have scheduled. Memphis has everything you could want in a city, from world class museums that celebrate our cities heritage. Check out Memphistravel.com for a comprehensive list of everything available to do Memphis, including festivals and events happening while you are in town.

Hotels & Getting Around

The best ways to get around in Memphis are with Uber and Lyft. Buses run from the airport to the University hotel; information on reserving rooms at the University hotel is available on the front page of the registration site. Additional lodging options are available at this link.

The address of the conference is:

FedEx Institute of Technology
365 Fogelman Drive
Memphis, TN 38152.
For those driving, parking is available directly across from the Institute and is included if you stay at the University hotel.