Processes for Pre Award Support

iIMPACT projects and proposals (for all affiliated faculty)

  • Periodically the SUAPP Preaward Coordinator (PAC) will send out funding opportunities via a newsletter from Grant Forward. In order to receive this newsletter, iIMPACT faculty and affiliates need to create an account with Grant Forward. Let your PAC or the SUAPP PAC know if you need help with your account.
  • If you have preaward support, they will be the lead PAC for your iIMPACT proposal submissions. Ask your PAC to coordinate with the SUAPP PAC for any needed assistance/collaboration.
  • When you create a Cayuse record, include the SUAPP PAC as “Proposal Editor.”
  • Add iIMPACT as an affiliated unit on the first Cayuse screen. This will allow the iIMPACT and SUAPP teams to be aware of proposals and awards and track them for reporting.
  • Choose Affiliated Units

This section applies for iIMPACT faculty who do NOT have their own preaward support and will be working with the SUAPP PAC for iIMPACT submissions.

  • When you create a Cayuse record, include the SUAPP PAC as “Proposal Editor.”
  • Add iIMPACT as an affiliated unit on the first Cayuse screen.
  • The SUAPP PAC will need the contact information of any subawards, including the contact person and their institutional Office of Sponsored Programs or equivalent.
  • Please communicate UofM’s deadlines to your collaborators so that they are aware of the timeframe SUAPP PAC will need to fulfill their requests.

Inform the SUAPP PAC as soon as you begin planning for an iIMPACT grant submission. The SUAPP PAC will work with you to establish a timeframe for the proposal submission that includes internal approvals and review by OSP prior to submission. The SUAPP Pre-Award Coordinator will work diligently with every PI to submit proposal on-time and with accuracy. However, if the following timeline is not followed, on-time submission cannot be guaranteed. In the event of multiple submissions during the same timeframe, PIs who follow the timeline below will be given preference.

Prior to Sponsor Deadlines
Proposal planning begins
  • Notify PAC of intent to apply
or earlier
  • Create a record in CAYUSE (SP and 424, if applicable)
  • Connect PAC with subaward institution OSP and lead PI (if applicable)
or earlier
  • Meet with the Pre-Award Coordinator to draft the budget and, if applicable, provide name(s) and affiliation(s) of consultant(s)
  • Prepare a list of names and entities from whom to request support letters, if applicable
  • Provide Pre-Award Coordinator with draft of sponsor-specific required formatted documents such as Biosketches, Current and Pending, Collaborators and Other Affiliations.
Business Days
  • Provide Pre-Award Coordinator subawardee(s), collaborator(s) and/or consultant(s) final documents.
  • Provide proposal documents for Pre-Award Coordinator’s compliance review, such as:
    • Summary
    • Project Narrative
    • References Cited
    • Support and/or Commitment Letters
  • Finalize the budget and budget justification
  • Route CAYUSE record for internal approvals
5 to 7
Business Days
  • Proposal documents are under review by OSP, including:
    • Project Summary/Abstract
    • Near-Final Project Narrative
    • Any document/form that requires OSP signature
    • Internal Budget and Budget Justification
    • All subawardee documents
< 5
Business Days
  • Provide final version of Project Narrative, remaining documents
  • Be available by phone or email to make revisions upon OSP review
  • Be available to confirm submission readiness of your proposal