Sanjay R. Mishra

Sanjay R. Mishra

Dunavant Professor, Director INDIUM

MN 226 (Lab in MN 120
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Research Overview

Magnetic Materials:

Our research group is actively engaged in developing novel energy-dense and high Curie temperature permanent magnets and oxide magnets. The efforts is towards understanding subtle structure-property relationship in these materials so that novel futuristic materials can be engineered. In achieving these goals, bulk to nanomaterials are synthesized and investigated in our laboratories. Various synthesis processes such as arc melting, high energy ball milling, electroplating, electrodeposition, hydrothermal, and various wet-chemistry methods are employed to engineered novel single phase and nanocomposite magnetic materials.


Our effort in the field of biomaterials is directed towards developing novel iron-oxide nanoparticle-Chitosen composites for drug delivery and wound healing applications. Novel silver loaded CaP nanoshells are developed for bone cancer treatment and bone damage.

Supercapacitance Materials:

Novel high surface area oxide nanomaterials such as Co3O4, NiCo2O4, etc. and graphene nanocomposites are synthesized and studied towards developing high efficiency supercapacitors. These systems are studied using electrochemistry in our laboratory.

Current Funding:

NSF-TNSCORE: Acquisition of FTIR, $50,000, 2015, PI

NSF-CBET: MRI: Acquisition of field-emission scanning electron microscope (FESEM) for teaching and research, Co-PI, $693,617.00, 2013-2014

FIT: Dual Action Coating for Implants, Co-PI: $95,182. 2013-2015

FIT: Capture and Detection of Circulating Tumor Cells in Whole Blood Using Hybrid Nanoparticles and Microfluidic Devices, Co-PI: $122,91, 2014-2015

FedEx Institute of Technology: "Smart" stimuli responsive Biomaterials, Co-PI, $525K, 2013-2015

FedEx Institute of Technology: Funds to purchase high Frequency Dielectric Analyzer for developing novel Ferrites, $28K, 2013

Publication: 2014-2015 (out of 120)

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