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About Journalism and Strategic Media

Greetings from Department Chair David Arant, Ph.D.

Dr. David ArantI am pleased that you are interested in joining one of our dynamic media programs. The department has a distinguished faculty helping more than 400 students develop professional careers in advertising, public relations and news. Please visit the faculty profile page to meet our outstanding faculty members.

Visit our news page to learn about our outstanding students winning awards in regional and national competitions. You can also find more about the day-to-day activities of our department by visiting us on Facebook.

We are fortunate to have great support from alumni and friends who have endowed scholarship and enrichment funds to support the education of our students. Visit our scholarship pages to learn more about awards for which you may qualify. Let me know if I can help you prepare for a career in journalism, advertising, public relations and social and visual media. Thank you.

David Arant, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair
Department of Journalism and Strategic Media

Our Vision

The University of Memphis Department of Journalism and Strategic Media and its programs has been recognized as one of the country's best, noted for its comprehensive and innovative approach preparing undergraduate and graduate students for meaningful and ethical practice in the journalism, advertising, public relations, visual media and other media professions. It seeks to provide a supportive environment for its faculty members as they educate and mentor the next generation of media professionals and conduct research that develops media knowledge for the field and engaged scholarship for the local community and the world at large.

Our Mission

The University of Memphis Department of Journalism and Strategic Media is a learner-centered, professional program providing high-quality educational experiences while pursuing new knowledge through research, professional outreach and engaged scholarship.

Highest Priorities

  • Increase enrollment, retention and graduation rates for students and prepare them for careers in the journalism and strategic media profession.
  • Maintain up-to-date professional knowledge and skills in journalism and strategic media through professional training and research and incorporate that knowledge into the classroom.
  • Create excellent scholarly and creative activities to expand knowledge in the fields of journalism and strategic media as well as enhance the instructional effectiveness of faculty members by incorporating their own research and that of contemporary scholars in the classroom.
  • Build and nurture partnerships with local businesses, non-profits and other organizations.
  • Incorporate entrepreneurialism at all levels of the curriculum and deepen ties with the Memphis entrepreneurship community.
  • Provide a welcoming and nurturing learning and mentorship environment that supports the diversity and richness of expression of our student body and offer educational and professional resources that equip our students, many first-generation college students, for meaningful and productive journalism and strategic media careers.
  • Develop mastery of skills in students in five key areas: Critical Thinking, Media Literacy, Multimedia, Professionalism and Writing.


The University of Memphis Department of Journalism and Strategic Media, as an engaged learning professional program, celebrates:

  • The pursuit of excellence in journalism and strategic media teaching and re-search as the highest measures of successful achievement.
  • Careful academic advising and professional mentoring to the department's students.
  • High ethical standards, superior fact-gathering ability and excellence in story-telling as the core of journalism and strategic media.
  • Global perspectives by encouraging and supporting student participation in study-abroad experiences as well as by hosting international media professionals and exchange students in the Department of Journalism and Strategic Media.
  • A collegial work and learning environment that supports cultural diversity, encourages a richness of academic expression and offers ample resources to make possible excellent research and teaching.
  • Faculty service to the department, college, university and the media professions. Through service, the department's interconnectivity to its many and varied, internal and external publics is enhanced.
  • Continued assessment and revision of its programs and their outcomes to ensure our students are prepared for the dynamic and constantly evolving media industries and technologies.

THE FIVE PILLARS OF of Education in Journalism and Strategic Media

The Department of Journalism and Strategic Media emphasizes five key areas of education and addresses each of them in every course.

1. Critical thinking

Students will develop skills to think critically and independently, to process ideas and information and to evaluate sources of information.

2. Writing

Students will learn to write clearly, concisely and accurately for varying styles applicable to the different disciplines addressed in the media.

3. Professionalism

Students will dedicate themselves to excellence, observing the highest legal, ethical and professional standards and learn the importance of diversity and inclusiveness.

4. Multimedia

Students will develop skills in the application and execution of multimedia communication, with emphasis on creative and visual storytelling.

5. Media literacy

Students will learn the role of media in society, as well as the ways in which media are used to communicate with mass audiences.