Jackson-Madison County Creative Expressions Contest 

Guidelines for UofM Lambuth Student Entry

Submit to the Lambuth Library by October 22! 

The theme for the contest is “Jackson-Madison County:  Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow.” To learn more about the history of Jackson-Madison County visit the Bicentennial website.

Art Contest


  • One entry per student
  • All artwork must be completed entirely by the student
  • All artwork must be original; no copyrighted images allowed
  • No digital art will be accepted
  • All art must be completed in the physical media. Acceptable media would include:
    • Paint (watercolor, tempera, oil, acrylic, etc.)
    • Drawing (pencil, charcoal, pastels, oil pastels, colored pencils, pen, etc.)
    • Collage (cut and glued papers, tissue paper, aluminum foil, etc.)
    • Sculpting materials for 3-D work (clay, papier-mache, cardboard, sculpey, etc.)
  • Should be no larger than 24” x 36”

Criteria for Judging:

  • Interpretation and clarity of the theme
  • Creativity, uniqueness, and originality of the theme
  • Overall appearance of the art 

Poetry Contest


  • One entry per student
  • Maximum 100 words
  • Related to theme
  • Creative and original

Criteria for Judging

  • related to the theme and allows the reader to understand much more about the theme
  • effective use of poetic techniques and figurative language to reinforce the theme
  • vivid, descriptive words are used- the reader can picture the imagery in the poem
  • creative and original
  • appropriate college-level spelling, grammar, and punctuation

Essay Contest


  • write to this prompt- “You have chosen to attend college in Jackson, Tennessee.  Write an essay encouraging other students to choose a college in Jackson by pointing out Jackson’s historical significance, what Jackson currently offers, and what Jackson will offer in the future.”
  • approximately 1000 words

Criteria for Judging

  • In response to the prompt, the writing:
    • contains an effective and relevant introduction.
    • utilizes effective organizational strategies to create a unified whole and to aid in comprehension. 
    • effectively clarifies relationships among ideas and concepts to create cohesion. • contains an effective and relevant conclusion.
  • In response to the prompt, the writing:
    • utilizes well-chosen, relevant, and sufficient evidence* to develop the essay thoroughly and insightfully.
    • thoroughly and accurately explains and elaborates on the evidence provided, demonstrating a clear, insightful understanding of the prompt.
  • The writing:
    • illustrates consistent and sophisticated command of precise language and vocabulary appropriate to the task.
    • illustrates sophisticated command of syntactic variety for meaning and reader interest.
    • utilizes sophisticated and varied transitional words and phrases.
    • effectively establishes and maintains a formal style.
  • The writing demonstrates a consistent and sophisticated command of conventions of standard written English.

The winner of the UofM Lambuth Creative Expressions Art Contest will receive at least $50 worth of UofM swag and will go on to compete in the city competition for a chance to win up to $500!