Available COVID Relief Technology:

1.       Laptops with webcams to assist with virtual classes: These laptops are available to check out for a period of one semester. Once the semester is over, students need to return their current laptop, but can exchange it for another (to allow for maintenance of the laptops).

2.      Hotspots to assist with virtual classes: These hotspots are available to check out for a period of one semester. 


Additional Technology the Libraries Continues to Offer:

1)     Laptops to be used in the Library: These laptops can be checked out for 4-hour periods. View additional policies and guidelines. Check for available laptops.

2)     Calculators, Charger Cords, Headphones, Art Tablets, Audio recorders, Cameras, Microphones, Projectors & more. For more information: https://www.memphis.edu/libraries/technology/checkouttech.php 



Due to restrictions during the pandemic, the sandbox. has made changes to our procedures and access to resources. Please check back here for any updates:
1) The Video Studio and Presentation Practice Studio are both available, but only for 1 patron at a time. Reserving time in the studios can still be done at Libcal, but please be aware scheduling may be changed due to safety procedures.
2) To be authorized for these studio rooms, patrons will need to complete a Libwizard tutorial for each room, which can be found here for Video Studio and here for Presentation Practice Studio. The Audio Studio is being reorganized to accommodate single person use and will be added to our spaces soon.
3) The Prusa 3D printers and Glowforge Laser Cutter are still available for authorized users, and time on these pieces of equipment can be also reserved at Libcal
4) Any in-person orientations and workshops are suspended until further notice. If you need assistance with the equipment, please contact thesandbox@memphis.edu to see about setting up an appointment.
5) Orientations to be authorized for 3D printing or Glowforge use will be conducted virtually via Libwizard, please check back here for updates on those orientations, to be added soon. 

This video was created by Chase Wall, Caleb Lovett, Cassidy West, Jason Thibodeaux, and Colton Rhoads.