Guidelines for use of UofM Campus Calendar

Who can submit events to the calendar for approval?

Students, faculty and staff with a @memphis.edu email address are encouraged to submit events to the calendar to increase exposure and share information with the campus community.

What types of events may be posted?

Events may include university-sponsored lectures, workshops, training programs, arts events, sporting events, social events, University holidays and academic deadlines. They may include on-campus events or selected off-campus events sponsored by a UofM group.

Only open events will be approved to be listed. Paid/ticketed events are acceptable, as long as anyone has an opportunity to purchase a ticket. Events restricted to a specific guest list will not be added.

Events must be of broad interest to the overall campus community, a large segment of the campus community (e.g., all faculty, staff or students) or the general public.

Campus calendar postings will be restricted to events sponsored or co-sponsored by organizations or departments officially with the University of Memphis

Events that will NOT be posted include: events where UofM serves only as the venue for a non-University event, general deadlines or reminders, promotional or sales events, job postings or other non-event advertisements.

How do I submit events to the calendar?

Calendar requests will only be accepted through the “Submit an Event” form.

Use the UofM Campus Calendar as a planning resource before scheduling your event to see what other events are happening that day.

You must confirm your space and all event details before submitting the event for the calendar.

Keep your description short while including why the viewer would want to attend.

Use a descriptive title. For example, rather than “Chemistry Seminar,” give the name of the seminar topic. Limit to eight words or fewer.

Since the calendar is viewable to the general public, include who the event is for in the body field.

Spell out acronyms, avoid exclamation points, check spelling, indicate if RSVP is required.

Submit your event as early as possible, but no later than one week prior to the event.

Select a category/categories that accurately describe your event. If a category is not listed that would better suit your event, include a request in the notes to the administrator.

If your event is a series or ongoing event, please make a notation in the notes to the administrator. If the series has random dates (i.e. every other Friday or the 15th of each month), you must submit each event separately. The administrator will link the events together. If it occurs the same time each week (i.e. every Monday), include that in the notes to administrator and only submit the first event in the series.

Images should be no wider than 400px or larger than 72 dpi.

Who reviews my event submission?

The campus calendar is managed by the Department of Marketing & Communication. All events must be approved by the Campus Calendar administrator prior to posting on the calendar.

The calendar administrator may decline a submission request if:

  • The event does not conform to the guidelines above.
  • The submission form is not properly completed.
  • The requestor does not provide a valid @memphis.edu email address and contact information.
  • The request includes inappropriate or offensive content, including profanity; references to illegal activities; defamatory or harassing language aimed at an individual or group; etc.
  • Other reasons at the discretion of the calendar administrator

You will receive an email notification as to whether or not your event was approved or denied.

How do I make changes to my submission?

Event submitters are responsible for assuring that the information for each event they submit is accurate and up-to-date. If an event is changed, postponed or canceled, you must notify the calendar administrator at immediately.

How do I access RSVPs for my event?

(insert instructions for accessing RSVPs)

Featured/Homepage Events

Some events will be selected to be a "featured event" on the calendar or to be listed on the memphis.edu homepage under "Upcoming Events.” Selection will be determined by the University Calendar admins and will primarily be based on the event’s appeal to a wide audience or tie-in to UofM’s strategic goals.


Despite our best efforts, event information is subject to change and some information may be incorrect. We may not have information on an event you want to attend. We regret any inconvenience caused as a result, but the Department of Marketing and Communication is not responsible for any miscommunication by the event hosts.

If you have a question about an event you saw on the University Calendar, please refer to the contact information on the detail page for that event. If you have additional questions or have submitted an event for approval and have not been contacted within 48 hours of submission, please contact or 901.678.2333.