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We're kind of obsessed with STEM. Are you?

If you're one of those students that drools a little bit when someone starts showing you cool science and engineering innovations, you'll fit in great here. MemphiSTEM is a National Science Foundation-funded project at the University of Memphis. We know that the nation and our world can sure use more people with undergraduate degrees in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Our sole purpose is to promote STEM careers among U.S. citizens and permanent residents.

MemphiSTEM combines the strengths of the University's support infrastructure with efforts and expertise of faculty, staff, students, administrators, and the professional community. This NSF-funded project uses thoughtful strategies to retain STEM students up through to graduation. We provide support in a variety of ways, including a summer Mathematics Bridge Bootcamp, research experiences for undergraduates, networking, mini-grants for on-campus professional student organizations, travel awards and STEM learning communities. Over the years, we've seen firm evidence that students who take advantage of the MemphiSTEM program are more likely to be retained in STEM majors than non-participating students at the UofM.

Please use the links on this page to explore the opportunities and benefits which MemphiSTEM offers to students majoring in or having an interest in STEM programs.

Why should you get involved in MemphiSTEM?

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