Ph.D. Course Requirements

A total of at least 60 credit hours of courses beyond the Masters degree must be completed. These required courses consist of the following:

MIS Concentration 21 hours
Research Methodology 21 hours
Dissertation 6 hours (minimum) and 18 hours (maximum)
Total 48 hours (minimum)

For students without previous work or study in Management Information Systems, MIS 7650– Information Systems in the Global Enterprise and MIS 8610 Systems Analysis and Design will also be required in addition to the courses listed above.

The Management Information Systems Concentration (Minimum 21 Hours)

Concentration courses cover the broad area of Management Information Systems:

MIS 8605 – Business Database Management OR
MIS 8660 - Advanced Database/Business Intelligence
MIS 8610 – Systems Analysis & Design* And/OR
MIS 8655 – Advanced Systems Analysis & Design
MIS 8620 – Business Machine Learning I
MIS 8640 – Information Systems Management & Planning
MIS 8670 – Computer /Network Security OR 
MIS 7621 – Business Machine Learning II
MIS 8710 – Research Seminar in Information Systems I
MIS 8720 – Research Seminar in Information Systems II

Research Methodology (21 Hours)

Ph.D. students are required to take a set of courses designed to provide research competency supporting their unique research interests. The MIS Ph.D research core consists of:

SCMS 8530 - Survey of Statistical Techniques in Business Research (Univariate)
SCMS 8540 - Multivariate Analysis for Business Research
MGMT 8921- Seminar in Management Research
MKTG 8217- Theory Construction and Evaluation

Students will take a minimum of three more research methodology classes from the following courses, or an alternative Methods course approved by the PhD Coordinator:

PSYC 8304 – Measurement Theory and Psychometrics
PSYC 8306 – Linear Structural Modeling
ECON 8810 – Econometrics I
ECON 8811 – Econometrics II
ECON 8812 – Econometrics III
EDPR 8561: Intro to Qualitative Methods
EDPR 8562: Designing Qualitative Research
EDPR 8585: Qualitative Methods and Analysis

Tentative Course Offerings in Management Information Systems

MIS 8610 – Systems Analysis & Design
MIS 8615 – Telecom. & Networking
MIS 8640 – Info Sys Mgt & Planning
MIS 8710 – Research Sem. Info. Systems I
MIS 8720 – Research Sem. Info. Systems II
(MIS 8710 & MIS 8720 taught in alternating years)

MIS 8610 – Systems Analysis & Design
MIS 8655 – Adv Systems Analysis & Design
MIS 8605 – Business Database Systems
MIS 8660 - Adv Data Mgt/BI