Campus IT Upgrade

Dear Campus Community:

The University has successfully upgraded our wired and wireless infrastructure on schedule and within budget. Over 750 switches and 2500 wireless access points were replaced resulting in significant performance and security enhancements, including encryption for wireless connections. A new portal was deployed to provide an improved experience for wireless guests, IoT network devices were segmented to improve security and the University began participating in Eduroam, a collaborative service that allows institutions to provide wireless access to visitors from other participating institutions. In addition to these enhancements, the upgrade also included improved network performance tools that monitor the network and provide automated alerts when problems are detected. Additional internal and external wireless access points are being implemented as needed to expand and improve performance.

October is Cyber Security Awareness month, and you can learn more about IT Security at the UofM by visiting https://www.memphis.edu/its/security. This site contains important information about security policies, guidelines and alerts regarding fraudulent activities. Remember to be alert for email phishing attempts and offers that seem too good to be true. When in doubt, delete suspicious messages or call the sender to confirm authenticity. Later this month, Information Technology Services (ITS) will communicate information about new initiatives that will strengthen the University’s IT security posture.

Remember to contact the ITS Service Desk for technology questions or assistance. The Service Desk may be reached by calling 901.678.8888, visiting https://umhelpdesk.memphis.edu  or emailing umtech@memphis.edu.

M. David Rudd
President | Distinguished University Professor