Budget Reduction Taskforce

Dear Faculty and Staff:

As mentioned in a previous communication, I am appointing a Budget Reduction Taskforce to evaluate and offer recommendations to our senior leadership team in response to the budget challenges resulting from losses of anticipated state funding and related financial impact from COVID-19. Our Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Raaj Kurapati, has agreed to chair this effort. In addition to the taskforce members named below, we will continue to reach out and coordinate input from across campus. We have already hosted virtual sessions over the past two weeks for Deans and Department Chairs to review our financial status at the close of the current fiscal year and our anticipated deficit as we move into a new budget cycle. I will keep you updated on a regular basis as we move through the summer and into a new academic year.

I want to thank the members of the taskforce for their service to our campus community.


  • Taskforce Chair: Raaj Kurapati, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
  • Dr. Tom Nenon, Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost
  • Dr. Jeff Marchetta, Faculty Senate President
  • Dr. Peter McMickle, Faculty Senate Appointed Member
  • Meghan Cullen, Staff Senate President
  • Kara Bowen, Staff Senate Appointed Member
  • Mahbubal Hasan, Graduate Student appointed by Government Student Association
  • Desiree Dyson, Student Government Association President
  • Dr. Kandi Hill-Clarke, Dean, College of Education (as representative of the Deans Council)
  • Dr. David Freeman, Chair, Department of Biological Sciences (as representative of University Department Chairs)
  • Dr. Justin Lawhead, Dean of Students and Chief Health and Safety Officer


Dr. M. David Rudd, President