End of the Academic Year Update

April 24, 2021

Dear Campus Community:

At the beginning of the global pandemic, I expressed confidence that we would emerge from this challenge stronger than when it started. That confidence was fueled by a keen understanding of the dedication and commitment of our community. Although the challenges of the pandemic will continue, and new ones will undoubtedly emerge, the availability of vaccines has presented the opportunity for us to return to campus life much more similar to that we so dearly miss. 

We will end this academic and fiscal year arguably in the strongest position in our history, and it is entirely a function of our steadfast commitment to our core values and our mission to serve our students and broader community. As an academic community committed to lifelong learning and innovation, we have followed the best scientific evidence and put the well-being of our students, faculty and staff at the forefront. We invested additional resources to help our students persist in these incredibly difficult times. Many of those students will graduate in a few short weeks, something that would not have happened without the hard work of so many on our campus. Faculty and staff have stepped up to support one another to meet the unique challenges of an educational landscape that shifts in profound ways on a regular basis.

Thank you for your hard work, persistence, flexibility and kindness during one of the most difficult years in our history. You have helped position our University for success in the coming years, including efforts to achieve Carnegie R1 status this fall.   


Dr. M. David Rudd