Formula Funding for Higher Education

March 5, 2021

Dear Faculty and Staff:

The comptroller of Tennessee performs an analysis of the formula funding for higher education on an annual basis. Although the finer details of the formula may not be of interest, I would encourage you to review the dashboards provided at the following link: https://comptroller.tn.gov/office-functions/research-and-education-accountability/publications/higher-education/content/obf/university-dashboard.html.

As you will notice, the hard work and dedication of so many continues to help lift the University and our community. We have made significant progress by working together and focusing on our core values. It is also worth mentioning that revisions are being considered this summer. I have recommended wholesale changes in the formula, particularly given that it has accomplished much of what was originally intended. The landscape has changed dramatically over the past eight years, particularly for the University of Memphis, and a new, revised and dramatically updated model is needed in order to capture the challenges that are on the horizon and the resourcing that will be needed for the next decade.


Dr. M. David Rudd