Research Support in New Budget

May 5, 2021

Dear Faculty and Staff:

Three years ago, we made a commitment to pursuing Carnegie R1 status with a clear strategic vision and increases in research infrastructure support. The Board of Trustees endorsed this strategic priority. Our campus and many of our external stakeholders have embraced this goal with passion and enthusiasm, with clear evidence of progress each year following. 

I am pleased to share that the Governor's recommendation for $5M in support of our R1 initiative has been endorsed by the Legislature, with funds available in the coming fiscal year. Funds will be invested in support of this strategic vision, including cluster faculty-hiring in an effort to build new interdisciplinary research capabilities; new research professorships to recognize the contributions of faculty across all disciplines; a strengthened support program for the fine arts, humanities and social sciences; and other initiatives that are now being designed. 

A new interdisciplinary research center focusing on agricultural technologies and a new Defense Research Institute to grow our research partnerships with the Department of Defense are also being planned. These investments will help us achieve our Carnegie R1 status goal in the coming year and sustain our top-tier research standing well into the future by demonstrating the need for and garnering recurring funding support from the State.


Dr. M. David Rudd