Spring Enrollment Update

February 2, 2021

Dear Faculty and Staff:

Here is a quick update regarding spring enrollment numbers and the subsequent impact on our budget. As of today, overall enrollment is up 0.8%, although credit hours are down 1.4%. The net impact on our budget is manageable at roughly $313K down from budget in total tuition and fees and absorbed for the fiscal year. Year over year, total tuition revenue is actually up slightly, a remarkable achievement in this pandemic. In short, our budget for the fiscal year will remain balanced with no additional impact on staffing.

It is important to understand that we extended our course drop deadline, and our Financial and Student Support Services worked diligently with students in an effort to help them successfully meet a range of financial challenges, including providing targeted financial aid for students in need. Additional federal funds will have significant impact this spring. Despite these efforts, we have experienced a noticeable decline (-4.6%) from fall to spring in first time freshman and Tennessee resident students. As you are aware, the majority of our students are Pell-eligible and have been struggling with significant financial challenges and a host of issues secondary to COVID-19. I want to thank our Financial and Student Support Services staff and leadership for the remarkable efforts to serve our students at such a critical time of need.  

Even when the pandemic is behind us, we will still be faced with a number of challenges, but we are well positioned to succeed given the hard work and dedication of so many on our campus. Best wishes for a successful spring semester. 


Dr. M. David Rudd