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Carol Rambo

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Carol Rambo is Associate Professor of Sociology. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Florida in 1993. Her past research interests have included exotic dancing, childhood sexual abuse, incest, and mentally disabled parenting. Her articles on these topics have appeared in journals such as Symbolic Interaction, Journal of Contemporary Ethnography, Deviant Behavior, Journal of Aging Studies, and Mental Retardation. From 2008-2011 she served as the editor for the journal Symbolic Interaction.

Dr. Rambo has taught courses at the undergraduate level such as Sociology of Deviant Behavior, Individual and Society, Social Problems, and Contemporary Sociological Theory. At the graduate level she has taught Sociological Social Psychology, Qualitative Methods, Theories of Deviant Behavior and Theory Seminar.

The common theme running through her current research is a social psychological interest in the role of narrative and institutionalized discourses in shaping and defining the self. These storylines, in turn, serve to dialogically support or redefine existing macro-institutions, which can both enable and constrain one's life chances. She has a dual interest in both Auto-ethnography and Life History Interviewing as methodologies. Graduates of the Master's program have published with her on various topics including: racial ambiguity, self-injury, white-supremacist hate music, obesity, exotic dancing, and the martial arts. Her current research interests include trauma and student teacher relationships.