Students who participate in the program are junior & senior undergraduates at the main public universities in Murcia and Valencia States (U. de Murcia, U. Miguel Hernández, U. de Alicante, U. de Valencia, Politécnica de Valencia, and U. Jaume I in Castellón), who will attend a 3-week workshop in the Summer of 2022 at the University of Memphis (UofM). These students are chosen because they are interested in STEM fields, such as electrical, computer, civil and mechanical engineering, as well as physics, earth and computer science.

In the mornings, students will get English and professional development classes, focusing on the ability to successfully apply for graduate school in the US. In the afternoons, they will intern in different research labs at the UofM, receiving hands-on training under the supervision of graduate students and professors and getting exposure and practical experience in their research area.

Because students trust students more, we integrate trainees-based mentoring, matching Spanish trainees with local UofM students (e.g., Big Brother/Sister Model or peer-mentoring), thus building a solid personal network for the Spanish participants.