About the Student Research Forum

The University of Memphis Student Research Forum, open only to students enrolled at the University of Memphis, is an annual event which showcases the diverse research of undergraduate and graduate students. The purpose is to provide an outlet for students matriculating at the University of Memphis to present their research to a panel of faculty judges in their respective disciplines. This forum enables students to develop their presentation skills and present their research in a formal, supportive environment.


To student participants, we offer congratulations on your achievements and your quality research. Your projects are testaments of your hard work, determination, perseverance, and commitment, and a monument to the dedication of your faculty mentors. The skills you have learned, the ability to define a question, collect and organize information relevant to that question, evaluate and ultimately use the new knowledge, will be useful in many facets of your lives.

We would like to extend a special thanks to the judges for giving so graciously of your time and expertise. Each year the judges come from a wide variety of disciplines and scholarly traditions. One of the advantages of an event such as this is the opportunity it provides students to interact with faculty and gain valuable feedback on their projects.

Again, thanks to all participating for your cooperation, support, and enthusiasm. Our gratitude goes out to the university staff members that ensure a first-rate experience for all forum participants. We hope you enjoy this year's research forum and best wishes for your continued success.


Deb Tollefsen, PhD, Vice Provost & Dean, Graduate Programs

Melinda Jones, PhD, Director, University Honors College