2017 Student Research Forum Winners

Graduate Student Winners

1st: Sungjin Yoo
2nd: He Li

1st: Sean Holden
2nd:Lacy Ritter
2nd: Dariya Ainekova

1st: Eric Spangler
2nd: Yvan Zhan

Liberal and Fine Arts
1st: Daniel Smith
2nd: Kristen Reding
2nd: Nanette Tate

Life and Health Sciences
1st: Jessica Hill
2nd: Meghan Meadows

Math and Computer Sciences
1st: Eiman Aldhahri
1st: Rajendra Banjade
2nd: Julian Sahasrabudhe

Physical and Applied Sciences
1st: Alexander Olinger
2nd: Jennifer Marshall

Social and Behavioral Science
1st: Hyunjoo Yoo
2nd: Wei Liu
2nd: Brian Crooks

Undergraduate Student Winners

1st: Patrick Long

1st: Hamza Ahmed
2nd: Sukanya Dasgupta

Liberal and Fine Arts:
1st: Catherine Knowles
2nd: Elizabeth Hornor

Life and Health Sciences:
1st: Penelope Ponthieu
2nd: Kendre Brown

Physical and Applied Sciences:
1st: Angela Graves
2nd: Robert Sinowetski

Social and Behavioral Sciences:
1st: Hunter Nolen
2nd: Chandler Sears

Math and Computer Sciences:
1st: McKittrick Swindle
2nd: Robert Edstrom
2nd: Berkeley Willis