2019 Student Research Forum Winners

Graduate Student Winners

1st: Jennifer Tatara
2nd: Rasheek Irtisam
2nd: Yi Lu

1st: Jessica Webb
2nd: Yasuko Kanamori
2nd: Shelby Roberts

1st: Allison Fetz
2nd: Paul Cameron

Liberal and Fine Arts
1st: Kaitlin Whitaker
2nd: Holly-Lynn Teader

Life and Health Sciences
1st: Charles Perry
2nd: Deepthi Raghu

Math and Computer Sciences
1st: Sayma Akther
2nd: Marcelo Bongarthi

Physical and Applied Sciences
1st: thomas Summers
2nd: Ted Ling Hu
2nd: Hunter Saunders

Social and Behavioral Science
1st: Kaniz Fatema
2nd: Anna Vongphrachanh

Undergraduate Student Winners

1st: Xin Ju
2nd: Nicole Lelis

1st: Kasyap Cherukuri
2nd: Emily Coleman

Life and Health Sciences
1st: Allison Banks
2nd: Paige Murin

Physical and Applied Sciences
1st: Andrew Cortes
2nd: Karla Cisneros Varga

Social and Behavioral Sciences
1st: Madison Mills
2nd: Eona Seymour