2020 Student Research Forum Winners

Graduate Student Winners


1st place: Jennifer Tatara
2nd place: Stephanie Totty


 1st place: Keishana Barnes
2nd place: Laura Robertson


1st place: Francesco Dell'Aira, and Jules Mohammed
2nd place: Hanieh Shabanian

Liberal and Fine Arts

1st place: Mario Oliver, Rachel Stark, and Dakota Wyatt
2nd place: Cannon Fairbairn, and Rachel Stark

Life and Health Sciences

1st place: Abigail Stecker
2nd place: Rutu Patel

Math and Computer Sciences

1st place: Soujanya Chaterjee
2nd place: Yunusa Olufadi

Physical and Applied Sciences

1st place: Caleb Gallops, Tyler Myrman, and Thomas Summers
2nd place: Krista Menietto

Social and Behavioral Science

1st place: Lauren Hayes 
2nd place: Nikhil Ahuja

Undergraduate Student Winners


1st:  Emily Coleman
2nd: Stasianne Mallin 

Life and Health Sciences

1st:  Isis Davis
2nd: Lauren Somerville 

Physical and Applied Sciences

1st:  Brittany Thomas
2nd: Hannah Nelson 

Social and Behavioral Sciences

1st:  Destiny Cruthird 
2nd: Kristin Mae Talens