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Workshop Papers (.pdf)

  1. Transforming Software Testing with Function Extraction - Alan R. Hevner, Richard C. Linger, and Mark G. Pleszkoch

  2. A Tool for Risk-Based Testing - Linda Sherrell, Sarah Bowen, and Hima Puppala

  3. A General Framework for Information Processing with Application to Quantitative Software Testing - Vasile Rus and Sajjan Shiva

  4. Hercules: An Environment for Large-Scale Enterprise Infrastructure Testing - Lan Wang, Charles Ellis, Wei Yin, and Dung Dinh Luong

  5. Fault Injection: A Method for Validating Fault-Tolerant System - Salahuddin Mohammad Masum, Bhanu Chander Reddy Vanteru, and Mohammed Yeasin

  6. Automated Unit Testing with AgitarOne - Eamon McCormick

  7. A Framework for Aligning Testing and Software Development - Colin Onita and Jasbir Dhaliwal

  8. Generating Test Inputs for Fault-Tree Analyzers using Imperative Predicates - Sasa Misailovic, Aleksandar Milicevic, Sarfraz Khurshid, and Darko Marinov

  9. The Division Of Knowledge: Knowledge Transfer Practices in Outsourcing - Thomas F. Stafford, Mark Gillenson, and Sandra Richardson

  10. Applying Knowledge Management Approach for Software Testing - Ted Lee

  11. Can Employees' Personality and Cultural Characteristics Be Used to Predict their Best Fit With Software Testing Job Tasks? - Judith C. Simon, Judith C. Brown, Charles J. Campbell, and Sandra Richardson

  12. Knowledge Partitioning and Knowledge Transfer Mechanisms in Software Testing: An Empirical Investigation - Radhika Jain and Sandra Richardson

  13. The CollegeCareerCorps Model - Laurie Craig, Kevin Avent, and Jeff Brittain

  14. Managing Offshore Outsourcing of Software Testing - Robin S. Poston, Judith C. Simon, and Radhika Jain

  15. Importance of Test Automation in System Testing - Sudheer Mamadapur

  16. Interpersonal Conflict Between Developers and Testers in Software Development - Xihui Zhang, Jasbir Dhaliwal, and Mark Gillenson

  17. Generalization of MOPS for Software Testing using Finite State Machine - Mohammad S. Sorower, Mohammad F. Ahmed, and Mohammed Yeasin

  18. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Testing - Khais Khan, Satheesh Kumar, and Prabahakran Sundaram

  19. Testing in the Early Phases of the Software Development Life Cycle - Sarah B. Lee, Linda B. Sherrell, Hima Puppala, and Sajjan Shiva

  20. Engaging Testers Early and Throughout the SDLC - Mark L. Gillenson, Xihui Zhang, and Sandra Richardson

  21. Development of Decision Models for Best Use of Software Testing Resources - Charles J. Campbell, Judith C. Simon, and Ronald B. Wilkes

MIS Quarterly

  1. A Multiple criteria for evaluating Information systems. By John S. Chandler. MIS quarterly, Mar82, Vol. 6 Issue 1, p61-74, 14p, 3 charts, 1 diagram, 1 graph; (AN 4679371)
  2. Evaluating Information system effectiveness – Part 1 Comparing evaluation approaches. By Scott Hamilton, Norman L. Chervany MIS Quarterly, Sep81, Vol. 5 Issue 3, p55-69, 15p; (AN 9267656)
  3. Measuring Information system Performance:Experience with the management by results system at security Pacific bank. By: Singleton, John P.; Mclean, Ephraim R.; Altman, Edward N MIS Quarterly, Jun88, Vol. 12 Issue 2, p324, 14p, 4 charts, 1 diagram; (AN 4680431)

Information Systems Research

  1. A Decision Model for Software Maintenance. By: Krishnan, M. S.; Mukhopadhyay, Tridas; Kriebel, Charles H.. Information Systems Research, Dec2004, Vol. 15 Issue 4, p396-412, 17p
  2. A Fault Threshold Policy to Manage Software Development Projects. By: Chiang, I. Robert; Mookerjee, Vijay S.. Information Systems Research, Mar2004, Vol. 15 Issue 1, p3-21, 19p
  3. Enabling Software Development Team Performance During Requirements Definition: A Behavioral Versus Technical Approach. By: Guinan, Patricia J.; Cooprider, Jay G.; Faraj, Samer. Information Systems Research, Jun98, Vol. 9 Issue 2, p101-125, 25p
  4. Modeling Coordination in Software Construction: An Analytical Approach. By: Koushik, Murlidhar V.; Mookerjee, Vijay S.. Information Systems Research, Sep95, Vol. 6 Issue 3, p220-254, 35p
  5. Optimal Software Development: A Control Theoretic Approach. By: Yonghua Ji; Mookerjee, Vijay S.; Sethi, Suresh P.. Information Systems Research, Sep2005, Vol. 16 Issue 3, p292-306.
  6. Portfolios of Control in Outsourced Software Development Projects. By: Choudhury, Vivek; Sabherwal, Rajiv. Information Systems Research, Sep2003, Vol. 14 Issue 3, p291-314, 24p
  7. The Effects of Time Pressure on Quality in Software Development: An Agency Model. By: Austin, Robert D.. Information Systems Research, Jun2001, Vol. 12 Issue 2, p195, 13p

Software Testing

  1. An introduction to the testing and test control notation (TTCN-3)Computer Networks: By: Jens Grabowski, Dieter Hogrefe, and György Réthy, the International Journal of Computer and Telecommunications Networking, June 2003,Volume 42, Issue 3, Pages: 375 - 403, ISSN: 1389-1286
  2. An Approach to Testing COTS Software for Robustness to Operating System Exceptions and Errors. By: Anup K. Ghosh and Matthew Schmid,Proceedings of the 10th International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering , Year of Publication: 1999 ,Page: 166, ISBN:0-7695-0443-4
  3. Inoculating software for survivability Communications of the ACM . By: Anup K. Ghosh, Jeffrey M. Voas, July 1999,Volume 42 , Issue 7,Pages: 38 – 44, ISSN:0001-0782
  4. Inspecting and Asserting Intelligently. By: J.Voas, K.Miller
  5. From Testing to Trading. By:Murray Ruggiero and Angela Vigliotti, October 1999, Technology & Trading, Futures
  6. Factors That Affect Software Testability. By: Voas Jeffrey M,Technical Report: NASA-91-9pnsqc-jmv ,Year of Publication: 1991
  7. Long-Term Testing in a Short-Term World Long-Term Testing in a Short-Term World, By: Vaughn T. Rokosz, IEEE Software, May 2003, Volume 20, Issue 3, Pages: 64 – 67, ISSN: 0740-7459
  8. Six thinking hats to improve testing, By: Julian Harty, 2nd June 2006, six thinking hats tutorial at CAST 2006, Page 16 of 18.
  9. Testing the Robustness of Windows NT Software. By: Ghosh, M. Schmid and V. Shah,Proceedings of the the Ninth International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering , Year of Publication: 1998, Page: 231, ISBN:0-8186-8991-9
  10. Testing and verification of network management and design tools. By: Mansoor Alicherry 1, Randeep Singh Bhatia 2, Harsha Nagesh 1, Chitra Phadke 3, Vishy Poosala, Bell Labs Technical Journal, 9 Dec 2003,Volume 8, Issue 3 , Pages 3 – 13

System Testing

  1. Employees and High-Performance Work Systems: Testing inside the Black Box by Harvie Ramsay, Dora Scholarios & Bill Harley; British Journal of Industrial Relations; Volume 38 Page 501 - December 2000
  2. Rapid Embedded System Testing Using Verification Patterns by Wei-Tek Tsai Lian Yu Feng Zhu Ray Paul; IEEE Software Volume 22 , Issue 4 (July 2005) Pages: 68 - 75
  3. System Testing by Gail Hagen
  4. System testing for an online world by James T. Holter
  5. System Testing via Monte Carlo by Wolf Ron Ronik
  6. Test Statistics for System Design Failure by John May, Silke Kuball and Gordon Hughes; Technical Report CSTR-98-006; Department of Computer Science, University of Bristol, April 1998
  7. Test, Measurement and management by Bob Shine, Kathy Li-Dessau, And Steve Cason
  8. Testing intersystem functionality: the relationships between systems can be complex, but there's still room to simplify by Rebecca Ellis; Engineered Systems, July, 2005