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2023-2028 Strategic Plan


Produce well-rounded, successful graduates and cutting-edge research for the enrichment of our ever-changing society.


To become a nationally recognized public research university.

Goal 1: Aggressively Provide Access.

Grow enrollment while simultaneously improving student preparedness by pursuing a diversified and far-reaching recruiting strategy that emphasizes our university’s compelling value proposition.

Goal 2: Create Opportunities to Succeed.

Foster an exciting, all-encompassing student experience, that encourages students to persevere, grow and thrive while laying the foundations for future success and creating an enriching lifelong bond with the university.

Goal 3: Outcomes-Focused Academics.

Deliver a rigorous, practical, well-rounded and supportive academic experience through innovative programs and teaching methods that focus on student success and prepare our students for the workforce and graduate education.

Goal 4: Strengthen Research Enterprise.

Perform life-changing, interdisciplinary research and scholarship that is supported by world-class infrastructure and conducted by highly motivated researchers addressing the community and society’s greatest challenges.

Goal 5: Recruit, Retain, Reward & Recognize our People.

Cultivate a respectful, supportive culture for our exceptional faculty and staff that recognizes and rewards excellence and success and that provides ample opportunities for personal growth, professional development, promotion and leadership.

Goal 6: Exemplify Operational Excellence.

Optimize operational efficiency and effectiveness through the establishment of high standards and expectations to maximize resource utilization and to uphold accountability.

Goal 7: Generate & Steward Financial Resources.

Increase funding and improve resource allocation to fuel growth through better alignment of internal priorities and external funding opportunities, through funding diversification and through application of financial best practices.

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