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Ascending in Research
Ascending in Research

The University of Memphis Research in a Minute series spotlights some of the most active and accomplished researchers across various disciplines at the UofM.

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105 Years Young

When you meet Mabel Womack, it’s not surprising to discover that she spent her career as an educator. Her mind is sharp, and she’s as full of questions for you as you are for her.

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From Dream to Reality

The ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Mike Rose Aquatics Center at the University of Memphis in April 2023 served as celebration of many things, including the city, the UofM, the Memphis swimming community and water safety. In particular, it served as an opportunity to pay homage to two people who were largely responsible for the $12 million renovation becoming a reality — the late Mike Rose and Dick Fadgen.

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All in the Family

A legacy of philanthropy for the arts has officially come full circle. The formerly nameless Theatre Building at the University of Memphis was given a distinguished title thanks to a generous contribution from James R. “Jimmy” Humphreys.

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young male gambler staring into gambling app
Answering the Call

Nowadays in Tennessee, placing a wager on a sporting event is as simple as downloading an app, registering an account and making a bet from the comfort of your home, office or really anywhere. The Tennessee Education Lottery has grown to more than $2.08 billion in revenue. Another $2.73 billion was wagered in Tennessee on sports betting in 2021.

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solar system model on university of memphis campus
Exploring Our Solar System

In 2021, when Rhodes discovered that the developer of a solar system model had come up with a lower-cost version that could be experienced with only a 15-minute walk, she knew the UofM campus had to have one.

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solar system model on university of memphis campus
From Campus to the Capitol

When the time came to go to college, Fordjour chose the UofM for its supportive community. Being on campus was Fordjour’s first opportunity to interact with people from completely different walks of life.

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