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Water Education Programs

The Education & Outreach department within the Center for Applied Earth Science and Engineering Research (CAESER) at the University of Memphis hosts a number of field trip options, classroom activities, presentations and more. We aim to create knowledge of water resources by providing problem-based learning and hands-on activities. Program offerings also bring awareness to CAESER's research initiatives and help students to identify and investigate career options.


WOW 4th Grade School Visits

Water on Wheels (WOW) is the cornerstone education program at CAESER. Instead of taking an off-site field trip, the WOW is a mobile water science museum that comes straight to your school at a fraction of the cost and time. The exhibits are colorful and interactive, designed to enlighten and motivate visitors. Students learn about the water cycle, conservation, watersheds, our drinking water supply, water use around the world, stormwater systems and more!

The WOW visits fourth grade students during the school day. The WOW is parked outside of the school and each classroom spends approximately one hour with the WOW and CAESER educators, rotating throughout the day. The maximum number of classrooms per day is six. Your school will require an additional day if there are more than six classes.

Water does more than move from sky to ground and from ground to sky. Find out how a drop of water might take an extended vacation in the ground and not evaporate for thousands of years.

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There is a flat fee of $100 per day for a WOW visit, along with a travel fee:

  • Within Shelby County, there is a flat $10 gasoline fee bringing the WOW program total to $110 per day.

  • Outside of Shelby County, the travel fee is calculated at 47 cents per mile (subject to change) to and from the University of Memphis campus.

What academic standards does the WOW program cover?

Tennessee standards for 4th Grade covered in WOW Program


WOW for Camps, Festivals, and Other Organizations

The WOW is available to attend festivals, spring and fall break camps, and community events! Make your event unforgettable with the exciting educational program all about water - plus, it comes to you!

A minimum of a week's notice is needed to request the WOW, but more is preferred to help with staffing needs.


Classroom Visits

Not a fourth grade classroom? CAESER has educational offerings for other grade levels! Visit the educator resources on the CAESER website for full lesson plans, worksheet, supplementary videos and much more. 

Aquifer in a Cup or Edible Aquifer is a major favorite. You can request that programming at your school which costs $30 for 30 students and it takes approximately an hour per group.

Do you have other ideas? CAESER educators are well-equipped to lead stations and other classroom activities relating to water. Request a guided activity today!