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ESARP and Bioelectronics Lab

Embedded Systems Advanced Research and Prototyping (ESARP) Lab

Printed Bioelectronics and Sensor (BioSens) Lab

Director: Dr. Bashir I. Morshed

Embedded systems (ES) are electronic information processing elements embedded into cyber-physical systems (CPS) and contain microcontrollers dedicated for sensing, actuation, and/or control. In the last decade, embedded systems infiltrated in our daily lives, including phones, cars, consumer electronics, home-based medical devices, and other smart gadgets. As reflected in a recent report of the National Research Council in the United States, "Information technology is on the verge of another revolution ... embedded computers ... have the potential to change radically the way people interact with their environment ...". We strive to be a part of this revolution.

Our research focuses on a holistic approach for developing wearable and body-worn electronic sensors for neurophysiological parameter monitoring in the natural environment. We seek to address multiple engineering and scientific challenges with innovative and bio-inspired models.


Our research is currently supported by National Science Foundation (NSF)National Institutes of Health (NIH), Strengthening Communities Initiative (SCI) and multiple FedEx Innovation grants. We have established external collaborations with Special Kids & Families (SKF), Le Bonheur Children's Hospital and Alzheimer's Association at Memphis for our research studies. Due to the highly trans-disciplinary nature of our research, we collaborate with researchers from varied disciplines (Biomedical Engineering, Psychology, Neurology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, educators, and medical professionals) that span across various institutes (UTK, UTHSC, SKF). We acknowledge generous donations from Cypress Semiconductor, DRS Technologies, and Smith & Nephew to our lab.


NSF logo   Link to NSF Smart and Connect Community (S&CC) Project


Link to Open Access Repository of ESARP Lab


Lab News Bulletin:

Sept. 2016: Dr. Morshed will serve as a co-organizer of the special session on "Wearable Antennas and Electronics" in Commission B to be held as part of the upcoming URSI National Radio Science Meeting (Jan. 4-7, 2017, Boulder, Colorado).

Aug. 2016: Dr. Morshed is currently looking for dedicated and motivated researchers to join his research team with extensive hardware and software skills specifically related to embedded systems design and prototyping, software algorithm for feature extraction and classification, app development, and cloud interfacing for the NSF-funded project. Interested candidates for this cross-cutting interdisciplinary research project should send their CV and admission status to EECE for consideration to Dr. Morshed.

Aug. 2016: A proposal titled "Events-of-interest Capture Using Novel Body-worn Fully-passive Wireless sensors for S&CC" has been funded by National Science Foundation (NSF) EAGER from CNS Smart and Connected Community (S&CC) solicitation for the duration of 2016-2018. The PI of this project is Dr. Morshed, and the co-PI is Dr. Harmon, School of Public Health.

July 2016: A proposal titled "Fully-passive wireless continuous temperature sensing system using low-cost inkjet printed disposable body-worn sensors" has been funded by FedEx Institute of Technology Development Grants for the duration of 2016-2017. The sole PI of the project is Dr. Morshed.

May 2016: The journal article: "Autonomous OA Removal in Real-Time from Single Channel EEG Data on a Wearable Device Using a Hybrid Algebraic-Wavelet Algorithm", by C. A. Majmudar and B. I. Morshed, has been accepted in ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems.

May 2016: A conference paper from the research group have been accepted at the IEEE Engineering Medicine and Biology Society Conf (EMBC) to be held at Orlando, FL, on Aug. 16-20, 2016.

Apr. 2016: The poster titled "BRAINsens: Body-worn Reconfigurable Architecture of Integrated Network Sensors" by R. Mahajan and B. I. Morshed has been awarded the best poster in the Department of EECE Poster Competition held on 25 April 2016.

Apr. 2016: Ruhi Mahajan has successfully defended her Ph.D. dissertation titled "BRAINSens: Body-worn Reconfigurable Architecture of Integrated network Sensors". Congratulations Dr. Ruhi Mahajan !

Apr. 2016: The journal article: "Performance Analysis of a DRL-less AFE for Battery-Powered Wearable EEG Measurement", by R. Mahajan and B. I. Morshed, has been accepted in Elsevier Measurement Journal.

Feb. 2016: The journal article: "Comparative Study of Wavelet Based Unsupervised Ocular Artifact Removal Techniques for Single Channel EEG Data", by S. Khatun, R. Mahajan, and B. I. Morshed, has been accepted in IEEE Journal of Translational Engineering in Health and Medicine.

Feb. 2016: The review article: "Stealth Engineering for in vivo Drug Delivery Systems" by A. Mohapatra, B. I. Morshed, W. O. Haggard, and R. A. Smith, has been accepted in the Critical Reviews in Biomedical Engineering  Journal.

Jan. 2016: The group has received the "Excellent Demo Track Presentation" Award for an exemplary demonstration of "Resistive Wireless Analog Passive Sensors (rWAPS)" at the IEEE Radio & Wireless Week (RWW), Austin, TX, 24-27 Jan. 2016. The demo was presented by Dr. Morshed and demonstrated by Babak Noorozi and Mohammad Abu-Saude.

Oct. 2015: Two conference papers from the research group have been accepted at the NIH-IEEE Conf Heathcare Innovations and Point-of-care Technologies (HIPoCT) to be held at Bethesda, MD, on Nov. 9-10, 2015.

Sept. 2015: Dr. Morshed will be presenting an invited paper in the Session D4, Intl. Conf. on Metallurgical Coating and Thin Films to be held at San Diego, CA, on April 25-29, 2016.

Sept. 2015: Dr. Morshed will be presenting an invited paper in the Commission B, National Radio Science Meeting to be held at Boulder, CO, on Jan. 6-9, 2016.

Sept. 2015: Two conference papers from the research group have been accepted at the IEEE Biomedical Wireless Technologies, Networks, and Sensing Systems (BioWireleSS) at RWW2016 to be held at Austin, TX on January 24 โ€“ 27, 2016.

Jul. 2015: Dr. Morshed will serve in the Technical Program Committee (TPC) of the IEEE Topical Conference on Biomedical Wireless Technologies, Networks and Sensing Systems (IEEE BioWireleSS) in the Radio Wireless Week to be on Jan. 24-27, 2016.

Jun. 2015: A journal paper by M. AbuSaude and B. I. Morshed has been accepted in the IEEE Sensors J.

May 2015: A grant titled "Hybrid nanoparticles for capture and detection of circulating tumor cells" has been funded by National Institutes of Health (NIH) R15. The PI is Dr. Huang, Dept. of Chemistry, while Dr. Morshed is a co-PI of the research project.

Apr. 2015: Two posters from ESARP lab group presented by M. AbuSaude and A. Mahapatra have jointly received the third prize at the departmental poster competition.

Apr. 2015: ESARP lab member, Saleha Khatun, has received the prestigious Herff Fellowship award. Congratulations!

Mar. 2015: Two papers from the research group have been accepted to IEEE Electro/Information Technology (EIT) conference to be held at Naperville, IL on May 21-23, 2015.

Mar. 2015: One paper from UG student, C. Mcglown, titled "Virtual Reality Simulation for Concussion Investigation Through Interactive Testing" has been accepted for IEEE SoutheastCon, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, 2015.

Dec. 2014: Dr. Morshed has given a talk at IEEE AP-MTT Columbus Chapter, Ohio State University, titled "Wearable Body Sensors for Neuro-Physiological Signal Monitoring in Natural Environments" on 5 Dec. 2014.

Oct. 2014: A paper from the research group presented by Ankita Mohapatra at the reputed IEEE Heath Innovation and Point-of-care Technologies conference at Seattle, WA, has been awarded as one of the best 6 papers of the conference among 172 papers. Another paper from the research group presented by Ruhi Mahajan at the same conference was the top 4th most collected oral presentation paper.

Oct. 2014: A poster from the research group has been accepted at the IEEE EMBS BRAIN Grand Challenges Conference to be held at Washington, DC, on Nov. 13 โ€“ 14, 2014.

Sept. 2014: Two conference papers from the research group have been accepted at the IEEE Topical Conference on Biomedical Wireless Technologies, Networks, and Sensing Systems (BioWireleSS) to be held at Omni Hotel, San Diego, CA on January 25 โ€“ 28, 2015.

ESARP Lab News Bulletin Archive