University of Memphis Herbarium

The University of Memphis Herbarium is a natural history collection consisting of nearly 20,000 plant specimens from scientific collections worldwide. Most of the accessions are vascular plants from the Southeastern US, with an emphasis on those of Tennessee and Kentucky. Orphaned for more than 30 years, the herbarium was revived in 2014 and is now accessioning new specimens. Current research is on the vascular plants of West Tennessee and the Lower Mississippi River Basin. International collection code MEM.


mission statement

To expand our knowledge of the plant life of West Tennessee and the Southeastern United States through study, collection, and preservation of botanical specimens, and to make these assets freely available for research, teaching, and community services.


goals for 2017-2018

  • Image, digitize, and disseminate collection data through the SERNEC online portal
  • Develop intern and volunteer programs
  • Improve the collection through personnel, student, and volunteer specimen collection, as well as through the active solicitation of donations and exchanges
  • Expand herbarium visibility through campus exhibits
  • Develop a community support group
  • Increase the number of volumes in the botanical library


location and hours

The herbarium is located on the second floor of Ellington Hall, room 216. You can easily arrange a visit by sending a request to




Tennessee Herbarium Consortium