Finish Line - Students Speak!

See what finish line students are saying about their experience with the Finish Line program.




"Getting a job interview is much easier now. I hadn't worked in years. I was a stay at home mom for 14.5 years before I enrolled in Finish Line. No one was trying to hire or interview me before I graduated. I'm so excited! Thinking about getting a Master's degree is no longer a thought. I'm about to make it happen. That Doctorate degree isn't too far away either." --Sharon Green, Finish Line Graduate





 bootle"I started at the University of Memphis when I was in the middle of my career as a professional firefighter in Charleston, SC. Several years and one 3 year-old later, when I graduate in May I will have been a professional Fire Captain for four years. I am the only female captain in my department. The U of M has prepared me for success, which will only continue until retirement. Earning my bachelor's degree has further inspired me to move on to graduate school." -- Sarah Bootle, Professional Studies major and Finish Line graduate






Finish Line provided the flexibility I needed to keep my job while continuing my education. The program has been a true blessing. My journey has been 10 years in the making, striving to find a way to complete my undergraduate degree. I also had an amazing advisor who was with me every step of the way. I can proudly say that I am a college graduate!  – Kimberly





I feel grateful to finally have the diploma that I worked so hard to achieve many years ago. It was awesome to see my kids in the crowd at graduation. They now know that it is never too late to achieve your goals. The people at the Finish Line program were instrumental in making my dreams of graduation a reality. They made the whole process very simple and for that I am truly grateful. The program is a wonderful addition to the University of Memphis.  – John





The Finish Line program was a lifesaver. Now that I have completed my bachelor's degree, I feel a new confidence.
– Brian


 The thought of going back to school while working and raising a family would not have been possible had it not been for the Finish Line program. I have now obtained the college degree that all of my friends and peers have. I succeeded, it just took a little longer!
– Stuart

Finish Line has been a true blessing. The program allowed me to pursue my dream of becoming the first person in my family to complete my bachelor's degree.
– Kendra