Miscellaneous Information

Direct Deposit

The first direct deposit to your account will usually be the second payroll after the Payroll Office has entered your authorization. If you make a change to your direct deposit, your next check will be manual and will need to be picked up at the Bursar's teller windows with picture identification.

Part-time Instructor Payment

Fall part-time instructors get paid in September, October, and November. Spring part-time instructors get paid in February, March, and April.

W-2 Copies

You can come to the Payroll Office (272 Administration Building) with picture identification. You can also send a written request including your name, social security number, and current address to Payroll Office, 272 Administration Building, Memphis, TN 38152). Electronic copies of W-2s are also available in the MyMemphis portal.

Earnings Codes

An index of earning codes is available in the HR Program Guide.

Reporting Overtime

Overtime payment for biweekly-paid and temporary employees is calculated by the week. However, overtime is reported for a two-week pay period.

Accrued time for overtime pay includes actual hours worked and holiday hours. Any hours other than holiday hours and work hours are excluded from overtime compensation. (e.g., sick and annual leave hours are excluded from overtime compensation.)

The time sheet totals hours as they are entered, it does not separate totals by the week. Be cautious when entering overtime hours as the totals that accumulate may not be a direct reflection of a single week in the pay period.

There are two types of overtime earnings:

  • Straight Overtime (Overtime 1.0)
    After an employee has accrued 37.5 hours during a single work week, additional work or holiday hours up to 40 hours during the same week will be compensated at straight-time (regular rate of pay).
  • Premium Overtime (Overtime 1.5)
    When an employee has accrued 40 hours during any work week, additional work or holiday hours during the same week will be compensated at premium time (one and one-half times the regular rate of pay).

Reporting Partial Hours

University Policy states that hours are to be reported in tenths of hours; for example, 7.5, 4.3, 8.1. Use the following chart to as a guide to converting minutes to tenths of an hour:

1 - 6 minutes = .1 hour
7 - 12 minutes = .2 hour
13 - 18 minutes = .3 hour
19 - 24 minutes = .4 hour
25 - 30 minutes = .5 hour
31 - 36 minutes = .6 hour
37 - 42 minutes = .7 hour
43 - 48 minutes = .8 hour
49 - 54 minutes = .9 hour
55 - 60 minutes = 1.0 hour