Payroll Frequently Asked Questions

What should I send to the payroll@memphis.edu inbox?

  • W-2 questions
  • Garnishment questions
  • Deduction questions
  • Overtime outside regular department timesheets*
  • Incentive compensation payment requests*
  • Employee award payment requests*
  • Special check requests*
  • Retro payment requests*

*These documents are usually submitted to the Payroll inbox but will need approval from Human Resources before Payroll can process. Please submit to Human Resources and they will forward to Payroll for processing. They can be submitted to the Payroll inbox for discussion and clarification only.

What information should I asked my department before sending an inquiry to the Payroll inbox? 

All questions and concerns regarding such things as:

  • Job start and end dates of employment
  • Job titles
  • Time and leave reporting
  • Timesheet hours submitted
  • Current salary information

Please communicate with your department first for clarification and correction, since they are responsible for submitting this information on your behalf.  If a correction is necessary, your department should submit to Human Resources and they will submit to Payroll for processing.

What forms are submitted via DocuSign?

  • W-4s
  • Direct Deposit
  • Adjustment Time Sheet

Do not send directly to the Payroll inbox as they cannot be processed in this format.  

How do I submit an Adjustment Time Sheet?

Simply go to Forms on the Payroll website and click on Adjustment Time Sheet. The form will route to the payroll inbox through DocuSign for processing.

What is the purpose of an Adjustment Time Sheet?

To provide employees with an opportunity to make corrections to their original time sheet that has already been submitted and approved.

Do I report all the time as it should have been for the pay period that I am adjusting?    

No, only adjustments to the original time sheet are reported on the Adjustment Time Sheet form.  Reporting all the time a second time could result in the employee being overpaid.

How do I know if the adjusted time is entered correctly on the time sheet?

The top portion of the time sheet should balance to the bottom portion of the time sheet (i.e.: if there are 40 hours reported at the top of the timesheet, there should be 40 hours reported at the bottom of the timesheet also. 

Can any employee create an Adjustment Time Sheet? 

No, only the Approvers in the system such as timekeepers, deans, or financial managers, should turn in Adjustment Time Sheets.

Where do I enter time for earnings codes not shown on the Adjustment Time Sheet form, such as Bereavement Leave?

Any earnings code may be adjusted and entered on the form. Simply add the earnings code at the top of the form in the allotted space.