Crime Statistics


Each month preliminary crime statistics are obtained from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation for Memphis and Shelby County. The percentages are charted and compare 2017 statistics to previous years.

CLICK HERE to view the UofM Public Safety Institute (PSI) summary of local crime statistics.

Homicides in Memphis

The level of homicides in Memphis in 2016 brought significant media attention and public concern. The Memphis Police Department (MPD) has conducted an analysis of the 228 reported 2016 homicides. MPD's analysis includes as well comparative homicide data for 1993 - 2016, with a breakdown between criminal homicides and those that were ruled to be justifiable. The analysis includes a geographic breakdown of 2016 homicides by the following categories:

  • All homicides
  • Solved and unsolved numbers
  • Those that appear to be robbery related
  • Those related to domestic violence
  • Homicides with gang affiliated victims
  • Homicides with gang affiliated suspects
  • Homicide suspects who are repeat offenders

Other pertinent information in the analysis includes:

  • The day and time of day homicides were committed
  • the ages of both victims and suspects
  • Homicides in which victims and suspects had personal relationships
  • The overall solve rate
  • The number involving juvenile victims and suspects
  • Types of weapons used
  • Gender/race or ethnicity of victims

CLICK HERE to view MPD's homicide analysis.