Requirements to get connected.

The University of Memphis will only support Microsoft Windows 2000 and above. Students can choose to upgrade their current Operating Systems at a special discounted price only available to the students at the University of Memphis. Please call 678.8888 or 678.4042 for further information and evaluation to see if what operating system will operate on your computer/laptop hardware.

ResNet provides limited support for Unix/Linux/Mac based operating systems, although we will provide as much help as possible.

ResNet also requires every student to have an anti-virus software installed on his/her machine to protect from new or existing viruses. If you do not have an anti-virus software, ResNet will provide you one free of cost. please contact 678.4042 for more information.

You are also required to keep security patches updated on you computer and encouraged to install some sort of spyware/adware cleaner. See for more information.