As of 6/30/12 researchers and, if applicable, faculty advisors who apply for IRB review must have a current CITI certification on file and CITI certification numbers must be included in the application form prior to the IRB processing the application.

IRB Basics

There is an IRB Basics presentation (pdf format) available for viewing.

CITI certification site

The following are basic learner instructions to logon to your CITI site for the first time.

1. New Users go to to register for CITI online training. Once there, simply click on "New Users Register Here".

2. Under "Select your institution or organization" page select your institution (University of Memphis) in the "Participating Institutions" drop down box.

3. Next proceed to create your own username and password and select the Learner group.

4. The PDF file, registering with CITI, has step-by-step instructions for registering with CITI for the first time.