Division Strategic Goals & Tactical Plans



We pledge integrity, transparency and responsiveness in all our processes and decision-making.

  • Embrace and promote all University policies, procedures and best practices
  • Engage, and solicit feedback from, the UofM Research Council    
  • Support institutional efforts to accurately measure and report research and outcomes
  • Ensure our websites deliver content in a clear, consistent and accurate manner to serve and promote the UofM, the Institute and research to both internal and external audiences


We seek partnerships both within and beyond the University to enhance our actions and maximize our outcomes.

  • Engage with individuals, departments and divisions across campus to strengthen research collaboration efforts
  • Pursue new research collaborations internally, locally, nationally and internationally
  • Develop interdisciplinary teams and research communities
  • Encourage and facilitate partnerships with regional K-12 schools, businesses and the community 


We nurture and embrace the ability of everyone to excel while maintaining a respectful and inclusive environment.

  • Promote service and support to faculty and students across campus
  • Encourage initiatives to increase the participation of minorities in STEM research
  • Dedicate staff that offers targeted office hours to provide research assistance across campus in efforts to reduce barriers to access, as well as facilitate grant submissions
  • Manage research funding search engines to ensure all faculty and students are able to easily engage in the process


We develop new research initiatives and programs that maximize the strength of our research community.

  • Develop fresh resources and programming to support and leverage research growth
  • Develop mechanisms that promote high-quality recruitment of world-class researchers
  • Deliver targeted proposal development support to increase competitiveness 


We strive to provide our research community with the tools and support critical to succeed in securing and obtaining external research funding.

  • Nurture and promote a standard of excellence for customer service by providing prompt response and follow-up
  • Engage in training and efforts meant to increase employee knowledge in efforts to deliver seamless, efficient customer service and resources to research faculty
  • Integrate Cayuse and Banner to provide a seamless flow of data between the two systems
  • Conduct faculty professional development programs related to research funding identification and proposals
  • Identify, prioritize and pursue support for research infrastructure, laboratory renovation and research related shared services centers
  • Ensure deadlines for deliverables are met in a reasonable time frame 


Collaborate with faculty to support student engagement in research/research training.

  • Provide research opportunities for students at all levels
  • Commit to providing students access to free research training and workshops, when possible
  • Work with faculty to identify and pursue external funding for programmatic research grants that advance knowledge related to student success
  • Support students by developing and offering professional development opportunities