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The Team at the Division of Research and Innovation is here to help. Email us at research@memphis.edu or reach out to our team below.

Dr. Jasbir Dhaliwal
Executive Vice President for Research and Innovation
Executive Director, FedEx Institute of Technology
Phone: 901.678.1618
E-mail: jdhaliwl@memphis.edu


Cody Behles
Assistant Director, FedEx Institute of Technology
Phone: 901.678.2470
E-Mail: cbehles@memphis.edu

Debra Cummings
Administrative Associate
Phone: 901.678.1596
E-Mail: dcummngs@memphis.edu

Mary Ann Dawson
Assistant Director, FedEx Institute of Technology
Phone: 901.678.1592
E-Mail: mdawson@memphis.edu

Raminder Lotay
Manager, FedEx Institute of Technology
Phone: 901.678.1041
E-Mail: rslotay@memphis.edu


Research Development focuses on increasing institutional research competitiveness through targeted capacity building, partnership and interdisciplinary team development, and proposal development assistance activities. This team manages limited competition proposals, large-scale or center proposals, and career development proposals.

Deborah Hernandez
Associate Vice President
Research & Sponsored Programs
Phone: 901.678.2648
E-Mail: dhernndz@memphis.edu

Portfolio: Physical Sciences, Engineering, Business

Deborah also manages the University's Strategic Research Investment Fund Projects, STEM Doctoral Fellowship Programs, Partnership with the Czech Academy of Sciences, and Research Infrastructure projects.

Vernisa Hazlett
Project Coordinator 1
Phone: 901.678.3574
E-Mail: vwhzlett@memphis.edu

Portfolio:Research Development

Vernisa coordinates activities for Internal Funding, UofM RIF, RISE Doctoral Fellowships and budgets.

Francoise Mireles
Research Development Specialist, Research Development
e-mail: fmreles1@memphis.edu

Portfolio: Life Sciences
Francoise also coordinates the activities of the University of Memphis Research Council.


Sponsored Programs: The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) is a service office that reports to the Executive Vice President for Research & Innovation. OSP serves faculty and staff, in every academic discipline and research area, pursuing research or other sponsored projects funded by federal, state, or private agencies and organizations. OSP personnel are committed to furthering the University's vision as a great metropolitan research university by assisting faculty in identifying funding opportunities, preparing grant proposals, securing institutional approval for proposals, and submitting proposals for funding. OSP also manages several programs to ensure compliance with federal, state, and institutional regulations.

Click here to view OSP Departmental Assignments: OSP Responsibility Matrix

Stephanie Thompson
Manager, Sponsored Programs
Phone: 901.678.4146
E-Mail: sthmps24@memphis.edu

Ty Flores

Sponsored Programs Administrator
Phone: 901.678.5071
E-Mail: ctflores@memphis.edu

Laura Wright
Sponsored Programs Administrator
Phone: 901.678.3507
E-mail: llwrigh@memphis.edu

Lauren Williams
Sponsored Programs Coordinator
Phone: 901.678.3056
E-Mail: ljrchrd1@memphis.edu

Leslie Ingram
Electronic Research Administrator
Phone: 901.678.4247
E-Mail: laingram@memphis.edu


Research Compliance encompasses work with human subjects (IRB), animals (IACUC), financial conflict of interest, export controls, research misconduct, and responsible conduct of research. This team works with our faculty and student researchers to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations, laws, and University policies.  


Beverly Jacobik
Senior Associate Director, Research Compliance
Phone: 901.678.4786
E-Mail: bjacobik@memphis.edu

Karyl Buddington, DVM
Director, Animal Care Facilities
Phone: 901.678.2359
E-Mail: kbudding@memphis.edu

Donny Ray
Manager, Animal Care Facilities
Phone: 901.678.4842
E-Mail: donnyray@memphis.edu

Kellie Watson
Research Compliance Coordinator
Phone: 901.678.2705
E-Mail: kwtson10@memphis.edu