Current Students

Prepare to meet your advisor by following these simple steps:

  • Make your advising appointment. You can schedule an appointment by clicking this link https://memphis.guide.eab.com/.
  • If you are still unsure of your major, see below for resources to help you decide. 
  • If you know your major, Examine the degree plan for your chosen major using:
    • The Undergraduate Catalog
    • UMDegree on your MyMemphis.
      • which courses sound interesting?
      • which, if any, do you need more information about?
      • how many of the courses do you already have completed?
      • make a plan for the upcoming semester using the "Plans" tab
    • General Education classes
  • Review the courses you have already taken.
    • which courses did you enjoy?
    • in which courses did you earn the best grades?
    • are there any courses you need to take over?
  • Think about the courses you would like to take for the upcoming semester(s).
    • what do you want to take?
    • do you have the prerequisites completed?
    • is the course being offered in the upcoming semester?
    • prepare a list of possible courses based on your research
  • Create a list of questions for your advisor.


New Students

New incoming Freshmen

  • Apply for Admission to the University of Memphis
  • Sign up for New Student Orientation 
  • When you attend orientation, you will meet with your academic advisor who will help you identify classes to take for the upcoming semester and help you register for classes.

Transfer students

  • Apply for Admission to the University of Memphis
  • Once admitted, you can arrange to meet with an advisor
  • The Academic Advising Center advises students who are:
    • still uncertain of major
    • pursuing pre-nursing
    • transferring in less than 30 credit hours
    • pursuing a major that requires certain courses before fully declaring
  • If you fall into one of these categories or are unsure if you do, please call AAC at (901) 678.2062 to make an appointment or get pointed in the right direction. 
  • If you do not fall into one of these categories, you can call AAC at (901) 678.2062 to be redirected or email our transfer student advocate at sjohnsn2@memphis.edu.  


Resources for Undecided students


Tips for a Successful Semester

  • Attend class on a regular basis and take good notes
  • See your advisor when you have questions or concerns
  • Plan your classes ahead and pay attention to what is required
  • Know where you stand with past and upcoming grades using a GPA calculator
  • Get involved with degree related organizations
  • Manage your time wisely
  • Take opportunities to work in groups
  • Seek academic assistance from your professors and/or Educational Support Programs
  • Obtain practical experience that relates to what you want to do
  • Utilize Career Counseling and Career Services
  • Hone your communication, analytical thinking, and computer skills
  • Remember to stay focused!
  • Check your schedule before classes begin - locations and/or other details may have changed