Helping students learn the skills to succeed.

Course Description

Welcome to college! ACAD 1100 - Academic Strategies is a freshman course designed to teach first-year students academic strategies needed to be successful in college. All students arrive at college with differing levels of academic preparation. ACAD 1100 helps freshman reach their maximum potential at The University of Memphis by teaching strategies required for academic success. Students enrolled in ACAD 1100 will cover topics such as how to develop good study habits, how to take great notes in class, and how to write a perfect college paper. In addition, first-year students get to explore the different majors the University offers and the many resources that are available to help them succeed.

Course objectives

As a result of completing ACAD 1100, students will be able to:

  • Develop skills that are required for academic success
  • Learn about the resources the University offers to bolster personal and professional development
  • Understand academic expectations required to succeed in a college setting