ACAD 1100 Courses

ACAD 1100 Academic Strategies- For Freshmen only

ACAD 1100-Academic Strategies is a course designed to teach students the academic strategies needed to be successful as a college student at the University of Memphis. Students in this class learn and practically apply key strategies such as: Note-taking, self-management, reading, test-taking, writing papers, study strategies, choosing a major, and choosing a career. If you think these are things that can help you in your first semester at the University of Memphis, then enroll in a section during your first semester.


FIRST SCHOLARS: The goal of the First Scholars® Program is to support first-generation college students and enhance their ability to successfully graduate. Students accepted into the First Scholars program enroll in an ACAD section together. For more information on this program, please contact firstscholars@memphis.edu.

FIRST-GENERATION STUDENTS: We recognize that first-generation college students have unique needs when they come to campus. There are two sections dedicated to first-generation students.

STUDENT-ATHLETES: Sections restricted to athletes only and eligibility is determined by the Athletic Academic Services office.

OPPORTUNITY SCHOLARS: Opportunity Scholars are students who have been accepted to the Opportunity Scholarship at the University of Memphis and are required to take an ACAD 1100 course in their first semester.

TIGER LEARNING COMMUNITIES: Students in a Tiger Learning Community may take an ACAD 1100 course as one of their courses in the learning community. Each learning community is centered around a topic or academic major and provide students with learning environments that can help them be successful.