QEP Goals

The University of Memphis has chosen Academic Excellence for the QEP in order to improve students' retention and success by implementing an academic coaching program for at-risk students.

Goals of the plan include:

  • (1) Help students to develop a clear vision of their own goals and degree path.
  • (2) Assist students in developing skills related to academic success, such as study skills, time management, and self-efficacy, and to connect them to other university resources and support personnel as needed.

These two goals are assessed by the following six student learning outcomes:

  • Appropriate Campus Resources for Psychosocial and Academic Needs
  • Ability to Utilize Technology Tools for Degree Planning
  • Increase in Academic Self-Efficacy
  • Identify a Career Goal and Academic Pathway to that Goal
  • Express Sense of Connection and/or Engagement to the Institution
  • Demonstrate Adequate Progress to Degree Completion