Katie Hunt

Katie Hunt, AIA

Katie Hunt is a Visiting Professor of Architecture and an architect at LRK in Memphis. 

With a background in textile design and architecture, Katie is attuned to how the human body perceives materials, inhabits space, and informs design. Almost 10 years of experience in public-sector architecture has instilled in her an appreciation for doing a lot with a little. Her positivity, problem-solving skills, critical eye for design, and collaborative spirit make her an asset to the office and classroom.

Since returning to Memphis from Seattle in 2019, Katie has focused on adaptive reuse. She relishes the opportunity to revive and reimagine existing structures and has found that often, the most sustainable thing to do is to work with what you have. 

Katie believes that architecture achieves relevance and authenticity through a deep, contextual reading of history and place. She feels that to truly understand what makes great architecture is to comprehend the timelessness of it and acknowledge the time in which it was created simultaneously. She finds this approach to design to be an endlessly interpretable and iterative task …one that is ripe for discussion and debate!

Katie has been an active member of the American Institute of Architects since 2005.  She currently represents Tennessee as the AIA National State Associate Representative and serves on the AIA Memphis Board where she will be the 2024-25 President.

Master of Architecture, University of Washington; BFA (Textile Design), University of Kansas; BFA (Architectural Studies), University of Kansas.

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