Architecture Degree Programs

At The University of Memphis, the study of architecture and interior architecture encompasses both the art and science of design. The focus is on the education of the individual student through a well-rounded approach in a sequence of foundation courses, design studios, and professional/technical courses.  The program of study for each degree program is structured to engage students in the processes and professional standards of design and technology necessary for shaping the built environment. Students are placed at the center of discovery-based studies, and required to assume responsible participation in their studies.

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Master of Architecture

The Master of Architecture is a professional degree accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) and meets the education requirements for registration as an architect in all US jurisdictions.  Please visit the page on accreditation for more information.  

The professional M.Arch is a STEM Designated program (CIP Code 04.0902) which allows international students graduating from the programs to apply for an additional 24-month extension after their initial 12 month-long Optional Practical Training (OPT), with eligibility for a total of 36 months of practical training in the United States.

Master of Architecture Admissions Information
Master of Architecture Graduate Catalog
Master of Architecture Courses
Master of Architecture Program of Study

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Bachelor of Fine Arts in Architecture

The BFA in Architecture is a pre-professional degree.  Together the four-year BFA and the two-year M.Arch make up the professional "4+2" sequence.  However, the pre-professional degree is not, by itself, recognized as a NAAB-accredited degree.  Please visit the page on accreditation for more information.

BFA in Architecture Information
BFA in Architecture Courses   (please see below for the ARCH-prefix courses required in the BFA in Architecture degree)
BFA in Architecture Program of Study

Bachelor of Fine Arts Dual Major (Architecture + Interior Architecture)

The Department of Architecture offers a special opportunity to major in both Architecture and Interior Architecture without adding significant time to the duration of the degree. In fact, this can be completed within the normal four-year time period to complete either degree separately. Please contact architecture@memphis.edu for details.

BFA in Architecture + Interior Architecture DUAL Major Program of Study

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Architecture

The BFA in Interior Architecture is accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation.  Please visit the page on accreditation for more information.

BFA in Interior Architecture Information
BFA in Interior Architecture Courses  (please see below for the ARCH-prefix courses required in the BFA in Interior Architecture degree)
BFA in Interior Architecture Program of Study


Special Note on Course Sequencing and Pre-Requisites/Co-Requisites

Courses in the Department of Architecture are generally offered only in one semester per academic year. Most courses have pre-requisites or co-requisites. Virtually all courses are open only to students majoring in architecture and/or interior architecture.  For the semester in which each course is offered, please see below.

Fall Semester Courses

ARCH 7713, Advanced Design Studio 3
ARCH 7711, Advanced Design Studio 1
ARCH 7232, Advanced Issues in City Building (open to non-majors)
ARCH 7222, Contemporary Architecture 2
ARCH 7211, Contemporary Architectural Theory
ARCH 7013, Advanced Design Seminar 3
ARCH 7011, Advanced Design Seminar 1
ARCH 4715, Design Studio 5*
ARCH 4441, Construction Documents*
ARCH 4231, Issues in City Building (open to non-majors)
ARCH 3713, Design Studio 3*
ARCH 3613, Computer Applications in Design 3*
ARCH 3421, Environmental Systems*
ARCH 3321, Structural Design 1
ARCH 3221, Determinants of Modern Design
ARCH 2711, Design Studio 1*
ARCH 2611, Computer Applications in Design 1*
ARCH 2411, Building Technology 1*
ARCH 2212, History of Architecture 2*
ARCH 1120, Introduction to Architecture + Design*
ARCH 1112, Architectural Graphics Studio*

Spring Semester Courses

ARCH 7996, Architecture Thesis Studio
ARCH 7930, Architecture Research
ARCH 7712, Advanced Design Studio 2
ARCH 7431, Advanced Professional Practice
ARCH 7421, Advanced Environmental Systems
ARCH 7012, Advanced Design Seminar 2
ARCH 6421, Sustainable Design (open to non-majors)
ARCH 4716, Design Studio 6*
ARCH 4421, Sustainable Design* (open to non-majors)
ARCH 3714, Design Studio 4*
ARCH 3431, Professional Practice* IA
ARCH 3322, Structural Design 2
ARCH 3222, Contemporary Architecture 1
ARCH 3213, Survey of Interiors + Furniture* IA
ARCH 2712, Design Studio 2*
ARCH 2612, Computer Applications in Design 2*
ARCH 2412, Building Technology 2*
ARCH 1211, History of Architecture 1*
ARCH 1113, Design Visualization Studio*
ARCH 1111, Fundamentals of Design Studio*
Students majoring in Architecture take all courses shown except those denoted IA.
* ARCH-prefix courses required for the BFA in Interior Architecture major
IA ARCH-prefix courses unique to the BFA in Interior Architecture major

Summer Courses

ARCH 6825, AIAS Design + Build Studio
ARCH 4825, AIAS Design + Build Studio
ARCH 7430, Internship in Architecture
ARCH 6430, Internship in Architecture
ARCH 4430, Internship in Architecture
ARCH 7021, Architecture Independent Study
ARCH 6021, Architecture Independent Study
ARCH 4021, Architecture Independent Study
Please contact Professor Michael Hagge for details on other courses offered in the summer.

Elective Courses

Please contact Professor Jennifer Barker for details on elective courses.

Architecture Scholars Institute

This is summer day camp for 9th-12th graders offered in partnership with the Memphis chapters or the American Institute of Architects and the National Organization of Minority Architects.  Please go to the Architecture Scholars Institute page for information.