Tim Michael

Tim Michael, AIA

Tim is a professional dedicated to the process of making architecture and the art of building. He believes in the capacity of architecture to reach people on a personal level and influence lives in ways that heighten awareness of both the built and natural worlds.

With humble beginnings in the flat lands of Tennessee, Tim gained an early appreciation for an agrarian architecture that featured just enough .... not too much or little, but just enough.  Today, he pursues architecture centered on ideas, research, rigor, and the art and science of building.  Conceptual ideas are tailored through client collaboration and research, while absorbing the influence of such realities as budget, site characteristics, materiality, cultural influence, and construction technology.  This approach allows the freedom to focus on the specific character of each project and owner, exploring the unique possibilities that each project presents without preconceived ideologies or design motives.

In addition to serving as a founding partner of designshop, Tim has served as studio instructor within both undergraduate and graduate studios at the University of Memphis Department of Architecture, served as guest juror at other universities, lectured at design industry events, and participated in numerous community-centered design events benefitting greater Memphis.  Besides an intense passion for architecture, Tim is driven by his faith and the love of his wife and children.

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