Thank you for your interest in the Department of Architecture.

For students wishing to study architecture, we offer the professional Master of Architecture degree and the pre-professional Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a major in Architecture.  Together, these degrees make up the "4+2" curriculum which meets the national educational standards to become an architect.

For students wishing to study interior architecture, we offer the professional Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a major in Interior Architecture.  This degree meets the educational requirements to become an interior designer.

Also available is a special program of study for students wishing to study both architecture and interior architecture.  This "Dual" major program may be completed within the four-year period by completing some of the general education course requirements during the summer or by taking a slightly heavier course load during some semesters.

We believe students are our most important asset.  This is reflected in the close working relationship between faculty and students in the design studios and professional/technical courses.  In the design studio, students quickly find the value in peer critiques and comments.  Whether in a formal setting or an informal late night conversation, beginning students and more advanced students learn from each other and build upon their experiences to enhance their success in the studio.

And finally, our "Culture of Engagement" offers students the opportunity to work with community partners and faculty and students in other academic programs on real, hands-on projects to enhance the quality of life for residents within the region and beyond.  Every graduate design studio and every undergraduate studio from second through fourth year has at least one project per semester with a community partner.

Making a decision on your education and your profession is difficult.  It is our desire at the University of Memphis that each student entering any of our degree programs be well informed.  Towards this, if we may be of assistance as you plan your academic and professional future, please let us know.


The Department of Architecture Faculty