Denita Weeks

                                                  Denita in the fieldDenita in the swampDenita with frog

Graduate Program: Ph.D. Pre-Candidate

Major Professor: Dr. Matthew Parris

 Research Interest:

My research interests broadly encompass amphibian disease ecology. Current projects underway include the ontogeny of amphibian immunity, disease mitigation of Chytridiomycosis (a deadly amphibian disease caused by the chytrid fungus, Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis), and thermal aspects of immunity and infection. 

Previous research that has contributed to my current interests include: 

  • Thermal Physiology of the World’s Southernmost Gecko, Homonota darwinii (MS Biology, California State University-Northridge) 
  • Territorial Behavior and Habitat-associations with Oviposition Sites in Green Frogs, Lithobates clamitans (BS Biology, Grand Valley State University/Pierce Cedar Creek Institute)​