Ways to Get Involved in Recycling

Recycle Committee

The Recycle Committee is an extremely active group that helps to plan and implement any recycling initiatives on campus and in the community. The recycling program at the UofM has grown progressively since it began in 2009 and we want that growth to continue, so promotional/awareness events and restructuring for maximum efficiency are always a necessity towards our success. Committee members are the eyes and ears to any recycling issues or possibilities. The Recycle Committee meets every other Wednesday at 10am in the Administration Building, Room 293. The committee is comprised of the Physical Plant recycle crew, 5 professors from various disciplines, the Sustainability Office Staff, and 2 student representatives. Our meetings are open to anyone on campus to join. If interested in attending a meeting, please e-mail our Sustainability Coordinator, Amelia Mayahi, in advance at askosta@memphis.edu.

Join UMpact shred dayUMpact

UMpact is a new club that allows students to engage in the direct development of sustainability initiatives on the UofM campus. We are currently in the development phase of the club, so as of now the club is functioning as a "call as needed" volunteer base. In the near future we hope to find champion student leaders in sustainability and let them assume an officer position in the UMpact club and become an official Registered Student Organization with our Sustainability Office as the Advisor. So much has been accomplished with our Sustainability Committee, but there is a definite need for a student led sustainability group that will allow students to practice leadership and networking skills, while making real physical and behavioral changes on our campus. If you are interested in joining UMpact, please e-mail our Sustainability Coordinator, Amelia Mayahi, at askosta@memphis.edu.

Become a volunteer!

Sign up on our volunteer list so you can be involved in our upcoming events! Volunteers are called upon whenever a recycle event is conducted. Volunteering is a great way to get involved in your community and help spread the recycling message! We need all the help we can get so join now! Just contact Acting Sustainability Coordinator, Amelia Mayahi, at askosta@memphis.edu to learn how to get involved!

Become a fan on Facebook!

Visit the University of Memphis Sustainability Facebook page.

Spread the news!

Recycling is a fairly new addition to the University of Memphis so the news and behavior of recycling has yet to reach every student. If you know about our program, make sure that your friends know about it too! Share our webpage and give them a chance to change their way of life. Recycling and being green is a phenomenon that is sweeping the nation and several campuses have already succeeded in zero-waste, so help spread the word and get the University of Memphis on the road to recycling!


Maybe you don't have the time to volunteer, but you can help just by following the 3R's (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle). This is something that everyone can do! The Student Green Fee has provided the funds and the University of Memphis has provided the means in which recycling is quick, easy and convenient. Please do your part and recycle!