Tiger Blue Goes Green

We are all stewards of our home, Planet Earth. The University of Memphis community has demonstrated its deep commitment to this idea by launching a variety of projects and initiatives designed to conserve natural resources or to use them more effectively, as well as by imparting the concept of sustainability to its students, who will in turn carry it out into the greater community. From designing buildings that meet LEEDS standards, to conducting biodiesel research, to working in the ever-expanding TIGUrS community garden, tiger blue goes green!

Are you a faculty member, staff member, or student who is involved in a green activity supporting a goal in our campus sustainability plan?

  • Stewardship of the built environment
  • Stewardship of the natural environment
  • Building a campus culture of sustainability
  • Integrating sustainability into the curriculum and research
  • Engaging with the community to advance sustainability
  • If so, we would love to hear all about it!

Tiger Blue Goes Green 2023

Join us for the 15th Annual Tiger Blue Goes Green 2023 on October 4th, an exhibition fair at the University of Memphis celebrating our efforts toward sustainability. This event brings together a network of community businesses and non-profits, alongside some of our very own U of M programs and departments. All have at least one thing in common, their focus on sustainability. Our theme for this year is “Sustainable Production and Consumption." Consumerism and sustainability are often at odds, however, consumers can make eco-smart choices in the products they buy and bring the demand for change in production. Tiger Blue Goes Green will host over 30 local exhibitors with sustainability at the core.  Some exhibitors will have products for sell, so come ready to practice sustainable consumerism and support local businesses! Don't forget to grab a free event t-shirt while supplies last, and lunch on us!