Sustainability Plan

UofM Sustainability Mission:

The University of Memphis serves as a model for practices supporting urban based ecologically-friendly sustainability that preserve the earth's resources and promote a high quality of life for mankind. Behave today in a way that produces a equal or better environment for those who live in the future.

We will:

Goal One: Stewardship of the Built Environment

(design, space use, how we modify the natural environment and operate these structures)

  • Progressive planning and smart growth
      • Metric: Master plan
  • Green architecture and ecologically sensitive design
      • Metric: Adopt guidelinesUse sustainable building guidelines for construction and renovation
      • New Living Learning Complex meeting Leeds Silver standards
      • Terra House
      • Design and build a new enclosure and xeriscaping for the recycling area along DeSoto Street using sustainable design and construction practices.
  • Efficient and reliable transportation systems
      • Promote shared riding
        • Developing University/Community Transportation plan
      • Reduce travel/transport distances
        • Purchase locally produced food and materials
        • Encourage telecommuting
      • Encourage non-fossil fuel transportation
        • Use of electric service vehicles on campus
        • Hybrid SUV for police services
        • Use of bicycles and electric carts to patrol campus rather than police cars

Goal Two: Stewardship of the Natural Environment

  • Environmentally and biodiversity friendly infrastructure and waste management
      • Responsible recycling of waste materials
        • E-recycling event with Apple
  • Maintenance and enhancement of biodiversity of plants and animals
      • Use native trees, turf and shrubs
        • Shift to native plants in campus landscaping
  • Promotion of organic-regional agriculture
      • Purchase locally produced organic foods where savings
        • TIGUrS Urban Sustainability Garden
        • Graduate Assistantship coordinating urban gardens with neighborhoods
  • Energy conservation and enhancement of renewable energy
      • Reduce electrical and Natural Gas consumption
        • Lights out, motion sensor lighting, computers off "Power Down" Program
        • Use Energy Star appliances
        • Solar panels, alternative energy sources
        • Summer and winter temperature controls
        • Echles Field Lighting Replacement
        • Motion Sensors
        • Carbon Sequestration Pilot Project
        • HVAC Energy Savings Projects
      • On-site production of clean energy
        • Use of cooking oil to power police vehicles
      • Purchase Green Power
        • We purchase XX amount
  • Advanced water conservation and efficiency
      • Recycle runoff water
  • Elimination to the extent possible of human exposure to toxic and biologically active substances
      • Integrated pest management
        • Landscape and Housing Services are selecting environmentally sensitive products

Goal Three: Build a campus culture of sustainability

  • Communicate and market sustainable practices
      • University of Memphis projects, research, and accomplishments
      • Recycling awareness programs
      • Sustainability conferences, events, campaigns and workshops
        • Sustainable Technology Awareness Day
        • Biology Department Program, "Institutionalizing Recycling Behavior at the UofM"
  • Offer incentives and provide recognition of sustainability practices
      • Green Fee
  • Sponsor sustainability competitions
  • Integrate sustainable living information into student programs
      • Freshman orientation
      • Frosh Camp
      • Modular courses for resident hall RA's
      • ACAD and honors sustainability courses
  • Policies of sustainability

Goal Four: Integrate Sustainability into the curriculum and research

  • Integrate sustainability into the curriculum
      • Chair for Sustainable Real Estate, Fogelman College of Business and Economics
      • My Community, Our Earth: Geographic Learning for Sustainable Development Project
  • Establish sustainability focused courses and academic programs
      • Interdisciplinary undergraduate sustainability degree program in Arts and Sciences
      • Environmental policy program
      • Concentration and/or degree sustainability programs
  • Promote sustainability research
      • Ecological Research Center
      • Center for Biofuel Energy and Sustainable Technologies
      • Sustainable Real Estate Chair of Excellence
      • Fuel Ethanol Production System
  • Foster interdisciplinary research addressing community, regional, national and global sustainability issues
      • Partner with community and regional sustainability initiatives

Goal Five: Engage with the community to advance sustainability

Develop and execute a sustainability plan with surrounding neighborhoods and businesses

  • Urban Gardening Program in partnership with HARC
  • Partner with other higher education institutions in advancing sustainability learning, research and practices
  • Partner with Memphis community and region in sustainability initiatives
      • Partner with Shelby County Sustainability Initiative
      • Conference on Sustainable Real Estate, "Memphis: Global Hub City"
      • Growing Greener: A Prosperous Shift with Sustainable Planning and Economic Development Conference, April 30, 2010
      • University Neighborhood Partnership